Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★½

Please, be kind.

Quick review on the toilet from my phone since I’m out and about for my birthday. Not quite a masterpiece for me, but undeniably great and I love that others are recognizing Daniels for the great artists I already knew they were. The exact kind of emotional core and quirky but never obnoxious humor that they excel at, and I now know what an A24 action film would be like. The performances across the board are stellar, yet as I was already theorizing long before my butt was in the theater, my heart here wholly belongs to Ke Huy Quan, who himself is the total kind and goofy heart of Everything Everywhere All at Once. Already looking forward to seeing it again in the (hopefully) very near future. Gotta love a movie that shows this much respect and adoration for googly eyes and raccoons.


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