Bad Black

Bad Black ★★★★½

Welcome to Uganda.

The movie is on. Again. I've been wanting to see this movie for years, and thanks to Wakaliwood's official YouTube uploading it completely for free a few weeks back, I finally got my chance. Bad Black doesn't only serve as a sequel to Who Killed Captain Alex? (there are brief but wonderful cameos from the likes of Captain Alex and Bruce U) but it also feels like a genuine evolution. Who Killed Captain Alex? will always be a classic in my eyes, a borderline untouchable movie, so I think I still like that more from a personal viewpoint, but this is better in both expected and even surprising ways. The highlight is of course VJ Emmie back behind the mic, and both him and the Supa Action Kung Fu returns with top form. I'll never get tired of Emmie's inappropriate laughter, nor will I ever get tired of all of the spin kicks. What truthfully surprised me about Bad Black is that alongside its slew of wonderful Wakaliwood quips ("Ugandan key", "watch dogs", "Don't fuck with Americans.") there's some dare I say incredibly executed drama. The film offers a sincere look at the social issues of Uganda from the people who are actually experiencing it. Poverty, class division, street hustling, child labor, all of it and more on a display that isn't played for laughs whatsoever, and I'm shocked how hard-hitting it was. If you're wanting to go into this movie for a good laugh alone, it's going to throw a few curve balls at you. Some scenes are hard to watch, but I can't help but be impressed with how Nabwana I.G.G. was capable of having it both ways. He manages comedic absurdity and dramatic honesty at the same time, capable of switching back and forth between the two whenever he pleased. Since this is my account and I can more or less do whatever I want, I'm going to count this as a 2019 release, and in a year that proved to be a great cap-off to the decade, Bad Black comes out of the blue to be one of the year's best offerings. and maybe next to Glass as the year's most empathetic feature. Without a shred of irony a great movie. Very strongly recommended for the action lovers in all of us. Not a bad first great movie of the year to experience. In Swazz and Wesley Snipes we trust.


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