Hereditary ★★★★½

Hereditary was so much better on rewatch. My first watch a year or two ago, I was able to appreciate the eerie environment Aster presented, but much of the story went over my head. Thankfully on my second watch, I was able to see just how great Aster's vision was in this film.

Most horror films start 100 mph and dont change pace much. This along with the jumpscares can lead to a thrilling experience. Hereditary approaches horror in a different view. This film does a great job of creating an atmosphere that just makes the viewer uncomfortable. From the actors odd facial expressions to the lurking presence of something sinister, we as an audience are constantly on our toes.

Hereditary has cemented itself as one of my favorite horror movies, as it makes it hard to take your eyes off the screen. Every moment has a purpose and you can see the purpose as the story develops. Some of my favorite moments in movies like this is trying to piece everything together at the end, and Hereditary gives you a great chance to do that.

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