Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★★

A most bodacious ride. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure begins with the classic high school movie trope of needing to pass the last test. What makes this movie enjoyable is both of our main characters don’t have a care in the world until a solution slaps them in the face.

While this film doesn’t have many if any fall out of your chair laughing jokes, it does a great job of keeping an atmosphere of just amusement. There is always a reason to be smiling whether it is Bill’s carefully chosen words or Ted’s commitment to the role (and the babes). 

Having just watched this for the first time, I have been able to notice the influence this has had on all of the “stoner” comedy movies I’ve seen, as you usually get some airhead main characters just trying to get on with their day. 

Also I was pleasantly surprised with the different scenery as we went through time. I didn’t expect much going into it, but it was more than decent. 

All in all Bill an Ted’s excellent adventure was just a fun and enjoyable time dudes

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