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  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    I'm a bit disappointed, not gonna lie.
    Felt more like an action movie with Mortal Kombat characters in it instead of a Mortal Kombat movie. Everything about it gave me vibes of "introduction" movie, like "well, these are the characters, this is Mortal Kombat world" but then it was like 2 seconds of some characters and boom they are dead now 😂 super rushed.
    Didn't care about Cole at all...
    Acting dunno if it was as cringy as the first…

  • Homunculus


    Homunculus or how to destroy a masterpiece in 116 minutes.
    Sadly this is one of the worst live action adaptations I've ever seen and that says a lot.
    The film itself doesn't make a lot of sense, it feels like you have to read the manga to make something about it but if you read the manga you will feel like Netflix needs to refund you a 1 year subscription.
    Gonna quote The Japan Times: "Homunculus: You need to see…

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  • The Room

    The Room


    The premise was pretty interesting but was too predictable for my taste.
    It's decent, acting is not bad, even the kid was ok, but it was a bit long because you can tell what is going to happen, even the "twists" are something you expect and then you are just waiting for them to happen.
    It had some interesting things, like the machinery for the electricity that feeds the house, especially the room... really gorgeous design (looks like some sort…

  • Shanghai Fortress

    Shanghai Fortress

    I read it was a huge flop in China and that director is facing HUGE blacklash, with people even saying that he had brought shame to the country (speaking of passion) and were accusing him of closing the door to Chinese sci-fi films after The Wandering Earth had forged a path forward for the genre.
    It's based on a book, haven't read it so I can't say if is because of the book or the adaptation was poorly executed.