Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 0

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To finish off our series of In Focus articles looking at soundtracks to Guardians of the Galaxy, director James Gunn has given us a couple more gifts on Spotify.

Gunn has put out many “Awesome Mix” playlists on Spotify, but they’re Gunn’s favorite songs from the previous year or decade and do not tie at all to Guardians. But there are two that count.

First is the Awesome Mix Vol. 0. These are 10 songs Gunn listened to and played for the cast while filming the first Guardians movie. To be honest, it doesn’t in any way match the tone of the official Awesome Mix, with this having songs from Ben Vereen, Black Fist, and The Wombats. Yet for fans, this is a new mix of tunes.

What is the second one? Find out in our final installment next week!

Hear Awesome Mix Vol. 0 on Spotify