• Parking



    When Orpheus says that his songs would die with him, that they were for this time, right now in the moment, and not for the future, I find it eerily similar to when Tilda Swinton mentions (or Derek Jarman himself says, I can’t remember) in the doc Derek that Jarman wanted his work gone when he died. Just so many coincidences there in my eyes.
    But onto the movie…this being filmed in the middle of the 80s, as the AIDS crisis…

  • Hostel: Part II

    Hostel: Part II


    i don’t mind the toning down on the gore level, in fact that’s probably the best thing about this…but for fucks sake this is so BORING!!!

  • Popcorn



    oh the joy of the cult of horror cinema, throwing popcorn at the screen and screaming, the silly gimmicks in a tightly packer theater…it’s all such fun to do together! and this movie kinda feels like that silly fun from those kinda showings. and the dire need for completion is goofy and terrifying. for being somewhat of prototype of the self aware horror film that would blossom in the 90s, this is some good stuff!

  • The Misfits

    The Misfits


    An angel and three dear, sweet, dead men. Out in the desert, held back by their past, their issues. Deep down wishing to be free like the wild horses that roam. Instead, they pin down these horses because if they can’t have let go and roam, neither can they. But the angel, dearest Roslyn (Marilyn’s greatest performance, by the way), can’t stand this lack of empathy, the deep-buried pain of all these men that is taken out in negative ways. How can you be free when you’ve got a rope you tied yourself around you?

  • They/Them


    it’s a movie that exists…but i wish it didn’t

  • Derek



    When this doc mentions the British film industry and Jarman is talking about how he doesn’t like films like Chariots of Fire are actually cinema and he says “…and I’m personally not prepared to make those compromises. I prefer not to work.”…never have I felt more seen. Why bother trying to make “product” to win awards or make money and put work into it when you can just make art for the hell of it? Have it be fun and creatively…

  • This Is Not an AIDS Advertisement

    This Is Not an AIDS Advertisement

    Feel no guilt in your desire
    While the AIDS advertisements were loaded with imagery of death and filling everyone with fear regarding sex, Isaac Julien’s This Is Not an AIDS Advertisement flips them on their head. celebrating joy, the beauty of the world, and making sure that no one feels shame in desire. Bright colors, lovers holding flowers, dancing, upbeat music…this isn’t an AIDS advertisement, it’s an advertisement for desire, for a shame-free life, for a breather from death’s presence…the very things all the other advertisements forget about.

  • Sincerely Charlotte

    Sincerely Charlotte


    So dull and meandering, never finding what tone it wants to settle on. Isabelle Huppert looks great but overall is just…fine I suppose. But with supporting characters so thin and some poorly acted, what’s the point?

  • Elvis



    big bold beautiful and yeah a pretty typical music biopic, but it radiates COOL because of that trademark Luhrmann maximalism. absolutely fantastic on rewatch!

  • Dorian Gray

    Dorian Gray


    this looks and feels an early aughts shitty horror film and does the novel zero justice whatsoever. a sad and pathetic little “film” in just about every way.

  • Point Break

    Point Break


    god i just love it when Dudes Rock

  • New York, New York

    New York, New York


    The thing about some of the MGM musicals I’ve seen this past year (and mainly last month) is that a number of the male love interests were such vile, emotionally abusive guys who treated the female protagonist like absolute garbage. But in those films of the 40s and 50s, I always feel the man is never framed as being awful, or at least only to an extent sometimes as he gets some, usually undeserved, redemption. There’s always some excuse for…