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  • Taste of Cherry

    Taste of Cherry


    Mr. Badii wanders and wonders. He's wandering the outskirts of the city in his car, wondering who'll help him in this time of a mental pain caused by reasons unknown. For every person he presents the offer, they have their reasons to turn away. But Mr. Bagheri's story about the life-changing taste of a mulberry really spoke to me the most, as it is all too relatable. Just one small thing can bring a whole new change to you, your…

  • The Piano Teacher

    The Piano Teacher


    “Why destroy what brings us together?”
    SHE has always someone in control of her life. in control of her emotions.
    from life to (Mother’s) death, dear Mother will decide how SHE lives, what SHE does, what SHE wears, when SHE  will be home, who SHE sees (which is in fact, nobody. SHE should only have Mother, as only Mother knows HER best.)
    but SHE desires more. more than just the music SHE plays, more than the bed her and Mother share, more…

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  • The Funhouse

    The Funhouse


    such wonderful scenery for a horror movie: a trashy but colorful carnival. felt let down once the story kicked in because its nothing really new or even that interesting. still pretty fun if you just want to settle in and enjoy some typical slasher fare.

  • The Fury

    The Fury


    john cassavetes is pretty good in this but he blows at the end.

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