Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once

i thought we were supposed to be in the year of the tiger not the year of the tiger mom?

i don't get why the new hot topic plot is tiger mom slash intergenerational trauma that gets turned into "[everything you have done and do is so evil and has ruined our family and the multiverse mom and] you just have to be kind". it just feels so reductive and insulting how all of the historical and societal factors that played into evelyn and waymond in the situation(s) they're in is reduced to her not being kind. and then we're shown that all evelyn had to do to end her hardships as a poor chinese immigrant was be nice to the tax office person, the way her husband was, yeah makes sense to me.
It's like the Bad Guy of the movie was the mom's reluctance to be Nice and Kind to the tax office person instead of.. *gestures* lower class broke chinese immigrants in the US with an overwhelmed parent trying to get around an audit. first turning red and now this, the mothers are the literal "antagonist" of the film when they can be just another flawed character. also why ignore the flaws and the shortcomings of the father if we're so focused on the direct familial problem? and there's absolutely no way the 2 lines scenes of reconciliation between mother and daughter can make up for the dehumanization of the mother throughout all two hours of the movie - especially when it's heavily overshadowed by other silly parallel universes getting their own tearful happy endings as well.

(mind you, ive got nothing against having a whole movie about mother/daughter issues, but when the mother's shortcomings are literally turned into a huge bad evil animal that's destroying her daugther's happiness like in turning red, or the only thing keeping the universe away from total happiness, then no that's just weird and stereotypical).

oh and the humor.. i was one hot dog fingers universe scene away from jumping into the bagel myself.

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