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    The following text is part of a lecture on "Jane Austen on Film" which took place at the Center for Constructive Alternatives at Hillsdale College on the seventh of March, 2021. If you would prefer to listen to and/or watch a video recording of the lecture, you can do so on the official Hillsdale College YouTube channel:

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    Questions and Answers (35:01 - 52:55)

    There’s no knowing for sure, of course. I…

  • Juliet, Naked

    Juliet, Naked

    In the annals of movie titling, Juliet, Naked must deserve a special place, since there is no one in it who is named Juliet and no one in it who is naked, though we do get a glimpse of Ethan Hawke’s underpants, if that doesn’t add insult to injury. Juliet is the title of the one album made long ago by a now nearly forgotten indy rock star named Tucker Crowe (Mr Hawke) and Juliet Naked is the title given…

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  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    Here, just for the record, are the lines from Alexander Pope’s Eloisa to Abelard from which a new movie takes its title:

    How happy is the blameless Vestal’s lot!
    The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
    Eternal sun-shine of the spotless mind!
    Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resigned.

    Generally speaking, it has not been deemed worthy of comment by those who have written about the movie that the phrase Pope applied to the untroubled conscience of a nun —…

  • Captain Fantastic

    Captain Fantastic

    It seems to me entirely appropriate that the title of Captain Fantastic, otherwise far from clear in meaning, makes Matt Ross’s movie sound like yet another super-hero flick. His hero, Ben Cash (Viggo Mortensen), a militant hippie living in the picturesque forests of the Pacific Northwest with his wife and six children, is every bit as fantastical as the most outlandish of the Marvel Comics universe. He also suffers from the same crippling vulnerability that so many of the cartoon…