Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing ★★★

"I don't know if there's a dark side to nature - just inventive ways to endure against all odds."

Where the Crawdads Sing or: Marsh Girl? That's Harsh, Girl

I had zero intentions of seeing this one in theaters, but a last min change in my work skedge & a rogue 5/5 review changed all that. & This was fine, I guess (?).

DE-J's performance is solid, the film itself is of decent quality, & like any good NYTBS adapted to the screen, it feels 90s AF - not a bad thing, btw. Just a little too JCPenney giftwrapped for my taste...& Many of you know my 😒 sentiment towards the cold-case culture craze.

& is it just me or does this story come off a bit autobiographical? A sort of Carol Baskin's courtroom drama, but like, with a marsh instead of big cats...& a sympathy campaign for the accused...& a lil minstrelsy (side note: for a book written in 2018 - about a fictional story set mostly in the 1960s - there's not enough character criticism to distinguish this timestamp - NOT a good thing, btw).

But yeah, I kinda think Delia Owens might've murdered someone... unless Delia Owens is asking 😅

Overall, it's pretty mid. Intermittent compelling content between stretches of snoozeville, but I learned two things:

1. Female fireflies of a certain species emit a light pattern that lures male fireflies of another species to a cannibalistic death.

2. Saying 'Marsh' with an American accent is super-hard for British actors.


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