Scream ★★★★★

Oh my god. I’m so fucking glad this was my first movie back in theatres. This was just such an incredible movie. Tyler Gillet and Matt Bettinelli-Olphin totally knocked it out of the park with this with the help of Guy Busick and James Vanderbilt’s stellar script. Scream 5 brings the gore, comedy, suspense, and as always with the franchise, a TON of meta commentary on modern horror films. It also, like other requels (reboot sequels. Ex. Halloween 2018), goes back to the original film’s roots and what made it great from the start. It goes back to being a full on whodunnit where the paranoia of being uncertain who the killer is bounces off the walls and into the audience. The new cast are all amazing and are all lovable in their own ways, although my fav is by far Jasmin Savoy-Brown’s character, Mindy. The legacy characters of Dewey, Sidney, and Gale are all done incredibly as they assist the new cast in solving the murders. I went into this movie having an aspect spoiled for me but my god, I still did not expect the twist they went with. And without giving anything away as to who the killers are and what their motive is, let me just say, it is just so perfect for modern times. What made the Scream movies stand out from the start was the meta commentary on horror films of the 90’s, now horror has changed so drastically and majorly, the fans too have changed with the times and Scream 5 acknowledges that. They reference elevated horror (Hereditary, Babadook, etc.) and how the fans of elevated horror can sometimes sound pretentious. They also acknowledge and explain requels in an amazing scene with Mindy following the footsteps of Randy. The whole movie is dedicated to the late great, Wes Craven and I have a feeling he would be proud of this film. Scream 5 is a brilliant horror comedy whodunnit, with plot twists that you’ll never see coming, hilarious commentary on horror films and their fans, as well as developing great new characters and expanding on the legacy characters of previous movies.

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