Not Joe Dante

Not Joe Dante

American filmmaker and former critic for Film Bulletin circa 1969-1974.

Favorite films

  • To Be or Not to Be
  • Touch of Evil
  • Once Upon a Time in the West
  • The Night of the Hunter

Recent activity

  • Witchcraft '70

  • Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

  • Straw Dogs

  • Duck, You Sucker

Recent reviews

  • Witchcraft '70

    Witchcraft '70

    Weird, if faked, shockumentary doesn’t live up to its promotional promises, but the ballyhoo angles are ample to garner good grosses for fast play‑offs in drive‑ins and action markets. Rating: X.

    The undeniable appeal of “Unspeakable Cults! Bizarre Rituals! Erotic Rites!”—not to mention “Actual Human Sacrifice on the Bloodstained Altar of Baal”—can be counted on to put over this fakey Mondo‑Witchcraft documentary in action‑ballyhoo situations and drive‑ins. Fast play‑offs and hard‑sell are prerequisites to offset disappointed word‑of‑mouth reaction to the…

  • Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

    Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

    Post-production tampering mitigates against this Western by Sam Peckinpah finding its deserved reception from better-class audiences. Shortened release version is vague, confusing, and is being sold as routine action entry in saturation breaks where it should perform routinely, no more. Kris Kristofferson and acting debut of Bob Dylan provide youth lures. Rating: R.

    “It feels like times have changed,” says Pat Garrett. “Times, maybe—not me,” says Billy the Kid. A classical Sam Peckinpah exchange, reflecting one of the numerous obsessive…

Popular reviews

  • War Between the Planets

    War Between the Planets

    Ballyhoo values and the title will make this Italian science‑fiction import an OK dual bill entry for the kiddie trade and drive‑ins. Drab and juvenile for mature sci‑fi fans. Rating: G.

    Its exploitable if inaccurate title, flashy ad campaign and G rating will put over this slow, drab and unconvincing mid‑’60s Italian space opera in kiddie‑dominated double feature markets and drive‑ins. The Fanfare Films release, picked up from MGM, will be doubled with another Italian sci‑fi epic, SUPERARGO AND THE…

  • The Legend of Hell House

    The Legend of Hell House

    Well done haunted house chiller offers plenty for the shiver‑and‑shock fans. A fitting swan song for [AIP co-founder] Jim Nicholson, this could roll up good grosses in general, ballyhoo, drive‑in markets if Fox gives it an appropriately strong sell. Rating: PG.

    “This house… it knows we’re here!” Of such ominous dialogue are classic style horror pictures made and THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE, while no classic, is spookily amusing, sometimes scary stuff with plenty of mass appeal for summer playdates.…