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  • The 15:17 to Paris
  • Nazar
  • The Dead
  • Fuses

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  • Memoria


  • Anatahan

  • 22 Jump Street

  • 21 Jump Street

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  • Memoria



    the best film of 2122, 100 years early

  • Milla


    awesome, awesome film, the best i’ve seen in a minute. pointing towards psychological downfall in popular storytelling fashion and then just never follows up on it! very brave stuff, and yet maybe my favourite moment in the film is the shot of milla’s mentor at the hotel in the towels room from far away. one would be mistaken for thinking, as i did, that it is milla herself. but the film continues with the two characters and a later shot…

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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    might take me a while to settle on this, but at first glance it appears to be a very roundabout way of saying nothing has changed since Anomalisa.

    EDIT: have given this more thought and can confidently say i think charlie kaufman is my least favourite working american director. his movies are obnoxious closed loops, only interested in shielding and supporting themselves rather than any kind of overarching thesis. kaufman feels like if clint eastwood skipped the period of his…

  • Old


    just amazed that we get to be present for the career of a great artist who invests in his images and always tries new things with form, tone, texture...