M3GAN ★★★

Megan may have girl-bossed too close to the sun.


M3GAN is a crazy ass film. People weren't wrong about this film is more humorous than scary. My packed theater roared in laughter at Megan(Jenna Davis) singing Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia, a song over a decade old. Interspersed with Megan's existence and her quickly becoming more murderous, we have Gemma(Allison Williams) trying to adapt and help her niece, Cady(Violet McGraw) after witnessing the death of her parents.

It's obvious that M3GAN is trying to commentate on the hands-off, digital forward parenting quite common these days. It also talks about how addicting our technology is by distracting us from unwanted feelings like loss. It doesn't dig anymore into those topics, mostly addressing it point-blank, almost verbatim of what I just wrote, in the last 20 minutes of the film, which doesn't leave much time to take down Megan and discuss it in more depth. Gemma only has to say the thesis of the film to Cady to win her over from her unhealthy attachment to Megan. It's all pretty much surface-level conversations many of us have been having more recently with the rise of TikTok and how the pandemic was tolerable (at best) due to technology.
It also doesn't suggest a solution (unless you believe the solution is to chainsaw, rip in half, and stab through the head of a 4-foot-tall AI doll), which is fine. I wasn't expecting anything too thought proking from a horror film. The point is to get that tension and anxiety and scream from fear. AMC promotes the film as a part of their Thillers & Chills collection, but the trailer for Scream VI(2023) that ran before the film was scarier than anything in this movie. Megan's humorous bits undercut her threatening presences like oddly dancing before killing Ronny Chieng and Stephane Garneau-Monten characters.
Side note: Stephane Garneau-Monten plays Kurt, a guy who at the start of the film steals the files on Megan. There's a scene with him and Ronny Chieng who plays his boss, David, where the crime is committed and we see the relationship the two have. None of the leads in the film are in this scene, nor do we ever have a scene without a lead in it again. It never comes back besides Megan making a passing comment about it when she's about to kill him. Megan claims Kurt stole the files just to see if he can do it which is so lame. They could've done something with this, but decided to do nothing. A Chekhov's gun that was never fired.

Overall, the best way to describe my viewing was I had a fun time watching but was saddened by its wasted potential by not pushing the film further in directions it already had set up. A film I'll probably have no desire to rewatch.

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