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This review may contain spoilers.

Horror of 1995 / Horror of the 90's

This comment was written in 2012:

Sort-of a parody, sort-of homage (posters for far better movies - Near Dark, The Howling, Return of the Living Dead, The Fly '86, Pet Sematary - litter the walls of every office and editing bay), but completely stupid blender Evil Dead / Video Dead / Popcorn (1990) thing about a squeamish guy put on assignment by a video distribution company to cut all the gore and sex from a bargain-basement Friday the 13th knockoff franchise and, after being prompted (in a very The Shining meets Hellraiser sequence) to kill everyone he meets because they're probably corrupted by [something the movie basically leaves unexplained], goes on a killing spree. Culminating in an extremely Dr. Giggles-esque climax. I actually held off on seeing this for quite some time because I was informed it was quite nasty. Was it? Well, let's put it this way: the hard stuff is reserved for the movies Ed has to watch at his editing machine and even though this movie thinks it's referencing Friday the 13th with its' fictional Loose Limbs series, it's instead trying to convince us Maniac was a franchise. Put Bobcat Goldthwait in the Frank Zito role and that's exactly what you have: hot chicks who fall head over heels for a scummy, dirty trashman vagabond-lookin' guy who turns out to be a serial killer. Not much subtlety there - which is not a problem, if they're trying to poke further holes in Maniac's bullshit plot. Point being that, no matter how much splatter they throw at you, the set-up makes it impossible to take seriously.

Credit Evil Ed for not trying to turn him into the sleazy killer from the movies he watches. But now I question whether what we got was the better deal: instead, he turns into a demented Ash from the Evil Dead sequels- beating up innocent people thinking they're demons and vampires, all the while comically selected riffs on movie themes and children's rhymes play in the background. What any of this has to do with the movies he was forced to watch (by his jerk boss who threatened to fire him, even though he worked for another department- editing foreign art films) is anyone's guess. A few things do work. Such as the Little Shop of Horrors meets Gremlins monster in a baby's jumper/sleeper hiding out, not the least bit quietly, in his fridge. Oh WHY didn't they make the movie about him?? Ed as a character is so braindead by unintentional coincidence that the intentionally braindead character, the long-haired pizza-delivery looking guy (clearly modeled after Bill or Ted- I don't know which character Keanu Reeves played), and his bimbo-ish girfriend become infinitely more likable. A literal parade of forehead-slapping moments. It could have been worse but nobody with a choice will want to see this anyway. An easy skip. For a much better guy-loses-touch-with-reality schlockathon, watch Steve Miner's House. For a better schlock-movie-fan-goes-on-killing-spree, watch Popcorn. For a much more-entertaining-than-it-should-be foreign (Evil Ed is Swedish) schlocky "B"-movie, watch Rabid Grannies. And if you haven't seen it yet, watch The Video Dead.

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