Miami Connection

Miami Connection ★★★★★

This would appear to be a Streets of Fire tribute/clone, what with the smoky, neon-lit rock concert and a karate band embroiled in a gang war with bikers. There's a fantastic visual flair on display here and a good use of scenery; the nighttime fight scene in the completely vacant street was awesome, especially when it goes into slow-motion so you can hear each gargled "AaaWwwWarrRg!" of the guys getting kicked. The synthesizer music is OFF THE CHAIN; it'll steadily build up to certain repetitive notes so prolonged and sustained that it starts to sound like a wash of industrial noise. Lastly, one other notable thing about this timeless work of cinema is its pioneering use of an acting technique based on rapidly sputtering your lines all at once so that you get to go home early.

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