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  • Liar's Poker

    Liar's Poker

    Worthless except for the moody atmosphere and brief Pam Gidley appearances. Even the vast performative abilities of Flea couldn't turn this aimless voyage around.

  • Johnny Corncob

    Johnny Corncob


    A Hungarian folktale about an Orphic quest told through a Sally Cruikshank psychedelic and willowy watercolor animation style. To quote Achewood, this should remind you of what being on acid is like. Heavy traces of the Collab with this one, as I would not have otherwise encountered this in my lifetime, and that would've been a shame. I'm also glad I had a few shots of whiskey before watching it, which enhanced my appreciation by at least 300%. RIP Marcell Jankovics

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  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    This seems to be getting a lot of Letterboxd abuse, I'm guessing because it comes across to many as goofy, vulgar, garish, exaggerated, overwrought, repetitive, tone deaf.....but hey, guess what? That's exactly what the book is like. The original novel is the providential result of 80's cocaine-fueled delusions of grandeur, the belief that simply with enough chutzpah and faith in your abilities you can write the best freaking book ever written, the biggest, most sweeping and ambitious manifesto of terror…

  • Cobra


    In the dark and dreamy haze of a midnight sun, the perpetually-sunglassed Cobra trudges the stygian depths of the underworld and hunts down a sociopathic death cult wielding axes and Klingon knives. Our roguish hero drives a nitrous-equipped hot rod with the license plate "AWSOM 50," drinks a beer in the middle of a shootout/hostage situation and warns the perp to "drop it" one millisecond before firing at him four times in rapid succession. A classic.