Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…Β½

🎬 600th Film Logged 🎬

Criterion Challenge 2021

2. Directed by Akira Kurosawa

Progress: 8/52

I've wanted to see this film for a very long time, so what better time than now to finally give this a look - and surprise! It's really damn good.

I don't have much to say. This was my first Kurosawa film and its already clear that the guy knows how to make impressive films. 207 minutes flew by. Toshiro Mifune might've had one of the greatest performances I've seen. Seven Samurai served as an inspiration for many films to come, and the film itself transcends a camera. This is everything I love about cinema.

This is the 3rd 5/5 ⭐ this month! I've realized this review is essentially a brief rehash of how most others feel about this film, but its all true, and I'll gladly echo how much this film deserves its legendary reputation. Now the real question is, which Kurosawa do I tackle next? There's so many to watch and I'm looking forward to them all.

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