First Cow

First Cow ★★★★

"Here's to... something."

I've been waiting to see this since I saw the trailer several months back. Why? 'Cause A24.

It disappoints me to see the audience score so low on RT, because this is actually a very calm, well-made movie about the little things. This is a slow-burn, which means it takes a while for things to really pick up, but Reichardt knows how to pull the audience in with even the most simple devices - enchanting cinematography, a cozy aspect ratio that gets you invested within every frame, and subtle dialogue that invites your attention - like meeting with a friend you haven't spoken to in some time.

This is one of those movies that enhances nature through its images in a fantastic manner. You can taste the food, smell the brisk air, catch every glimpse of the hot flames of fire.. everything has a naturalistic feel that accentuates the realism of this small tale in glorious fashion. I've never heard of any of these actors really, and they all did very well - even Evie as the title cow!

I was expecting a heartwarming drama about a cow, and that's sort of what you get. But I wasn't expecting the suspense that I felt throughout most of the runtime, especially near the resolution. I was really rooting for these capitalist-savvy protagonists making the most of their resources to get a profitable bang for their buck. Also, the ending is something to ponder on - albeit it's left a tad open-ended, and I'm still thinking about what to make of it.

I would totally recommend this one. If you're willing to invest yourself in a small story about quiet characters living their frontier lives a little on the edge, give this a watch and support your local cows.

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