Dune ★★★½

The long-awaited Dune has been on everyone's radar since it was first announced, and now that it's finally here, opinions will clash and divisiveness will ensue. It's especially fun to be on one end or the other of the extreme when this happens, however, I can't help but feel like I enjoyed the movie but didn't love it, putting me and a few others into a middle category that isn't quite as exciting. And this is kind of how I feel about most of Denis's movies.

I'll come clean - I could've payed more attention to the actual contents of the story a bit better. I get the general idea of Dune now but I still feel a little confused about the lore, not necessarily because the lore is difficult to understand, but more so because the movie is trying to cover a ton of material from the book and it just doesn't have enough runtime to flesh it out completely.

Most of the technical achievements in the movie are pretty fantastic. The cinematography is magnificent; being accentuated by the IMAX format also gives it a lot of life. The acting was impressive as well, especially from Timmy I thought. I used to think he was kind of overrated, admittedly. After CMBYN and now Dune, he really is the real deal, and I don't actually remember why I thought that way. I also really liked Rebecca Ferguson. I do think this is the first time I've heard a Hans Zimmer score and thought it was a tad overbearing. I like the general soundtrack, but man, it is loud. And it really doesn't need to be.

I really like how atmospheric the mood was as well, and how minimalistic everything appeared off the cuff, especially given the scale of this film and the hype that it's received. I don't think it's perfect, but I wasn't really expecting that to be honest. And it definitely isn't a bad film. Overall, I think my perspective on this one could be altered by a future second-viewing in a positive way. Still, I'm very happy I finally saw this and I'm glad it's receiving the praise that it is.

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