Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising ★★★½

understands media's ability to make people idolize their oppressors on a very mature level. simple routines escalated to such grandeur that zipping up a jacket is made to be an indispensable constituent to identity. i appreciate anger's recognition of how artful routine and the construction of a personal mythos can be, but so too the recognition that life should be a conscious engagement with that which inspires you, as opposed to mindless devotion. i love the idea of turning your existence and everything that you love into an art, and this film affirms that while reconciling it’s exterior dangers, which is something easy to neglect in the romanticism of it all. in regard to formalism ; masterfully intercut, insanely confident use of colour/diffuser filters, and an overall rlly great sense of rhythm which reaches a satisfying climax - very stunning movie. this dude nails the exact look i been striving for in my personal photography across the last 8 months no problem. def my fav anger so far, this guy so swag.

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