Gummo ★★★★

aside from all the strange, disgusting, and often extremely disagreeable moments in the film; this is such a consistently honest, hilarious, and at times transcendent experience. korine paints a world so deeply removed yet strangely familiar to our own. a society stripped of all respects, and responsibilities. people feeling no need to hide who they are, each character expressing and acting out their pure thoughts and desires, resulting in rampant and blatant racism, homophobia, murder, abuse, fraud and sexual deviancy. xenia works wonderfully as a complete deconstruction of small town america. pulling away the curtain of its white picket fences and bright green trees, revealing beneath it the sentiments and attitudes which have been subtly brewing since the nations inception. 

gummo is a brilliantly touching, visceral film as brave in its unravelling of american culture as it is formally bold.

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