The Magic Serpent

The Magic Serpent ★★★★

Part of my weekly Tokusatsu movie night.

One of those amazing movie night experiences that fills you with joy that you're surrounded by friends going through it with you. What a wonderful ninja surprise of a fantasy adventure! So much emotion and colorful design! The script is so brisk it packs a massive epic into 86 minutes, but never feels choppy or lost, anchoring everything on the strong characters, bouncy adventure, and powerful drama. The kaiju are beautifully designed and executed, especially the frog. And the countless ninjas popping out of everything and strikingly realized wizard battles and magic effects hold up shockingly well! For their first kaiju film, Toei made something unique and absorbing instead of feeling like a Toho clone, and I really want to dig into more of their stuff. Especially their ghost and ninja movies!