The Northman

The Northman ★★★½

Overfocus leaves blind spots.

Eggers set out to make "The Viking movie", yet he is just fine leaving elements that would be historically accurate—granted very, very minor ones— ie. The correct Norse hairstyles, out as "it looked too silly on Alex [Skarsgård]". Not an issue on its lonesome, I even feel slightly wrong for mentioning it (it's petty), the film is still "The Viking movie", and would probably worse off if dorky, bowl hairstyles were actually included; I only highlight it to bring light to a filmic shortcut taken with the expectation it won't be mentioned; a more revealing one being the many missed "blows" followed by bails extravaganza, exclusively used to make a statement, exclusively. These are the gateway issues destined to carry you to more, foretold to build and build up... until collapse.

You'll begin to notice more; a less-than-cohesive, too mechanical scene-by-scene basis, actions of unconvincing magical-realism, and battles choreographed to the point of clunky falsity. Fortunately, akin to the 'The Northman' team I'm not too fussed here. Like them, scenes not working particularly well beside one another and fights looking no more than unconvincing are essentially insignificant. Shared focus is on a thoughtful, creative, absolute beauty-filled philosophical piece of the highest order.

As with any fixation one is unable to escape it, with or without the Valkyries; in this case, out of historical texts. 'This brain isn't big enough for the both of us', if you wanna be cryptic and cheesy about it. Eggers and Co. Fall victim to the effects of fixation. Utter perfection lies in historical accuracy beyond belief, historical accuracy not many could ever achieve, historical accuracy the team was okay sacrificing when it didn't suit the film......


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