Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★

Plays more like the mid-season finale of a TV show than a film. Its decently entertaining but I wish they would hire a director with a better sense of staging, especially for large scale combat sequences. Also, better editors, so many fights are practically incoherent in the Bourne fashion. My usual gripes with the visual language of the MCU and their reliance on One-Liners over actual characterization are definitely present, but to the films credit I was more ambivalent than negative towards this one at the end. Oh, and that scene with Thanos and Gamora I could not buy at all, the emotional heft of that scene was hamfisted and completly unearned. It felt more like a plot contrivance than a genuine moment. Avengers: Infinity War has some value however. Some jokes do land, some bits are exciting, but overall it just felt like another generic episode in an increasingly unwieldy series.

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