Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★½

After seeing Zack Snyder’s vision finally released for all to see, my biggest takeaway is... what on earth was Joss Whedon doing? I don’t think I ever want to see something from him ever again. I don’t even think his cut of the movie could properly tell a story of any sort, as if he didn’t understand stuff as basic as framing.

This film does so much. It made me care about Cyborg, something the first edition failed to do in the slightest. His questions about his existence hit so hard, and his performance during a particular death scene is so impactful, I don’t see myself forgetting Ray Fisher’s role in the movie any time soon. Barry Allen is given heavy hitter scenes (I’m looking at YOU speed force scene) and he fills in the cracks with comedic relief fairly consistently. Batman isn’t as cringy and the others are fine. And probably THE biggest improvement is giving Steffenwolf motivation and emotion. I see the hurt in his eyes as he wishes to be redeemed in the eyes of Darkseid. His motives are so clear, drastically improving the character. I think Zack Snyder just understands visual storytelling and from that a good film is conceived. There were multiple times where I silently whispered “that’s beautiful” to myself. Had to take off a half star for some of the silly superhero moments I don’t really like that wiggled their way into the final product. I still HATE the part where Cyborg just up and goes berserk on Superman, however this time his “defense targeting system” is at least a little bit explained. As far as I remember, there is NOTHING in the original JL about a defense system and when it happened I was livid (also thanked the Lord that they got rid of the Batman “somethings definitely bleeding” line). It also sorta lost me a bit during the epilogue but for a 4 hr movie (which did not drag on, felt really well-paced) I’m overall impressed with how this turned out. 

Prior to the film my anticipation level for the flash movie was 0 but now I can’t wait to see what they do with a solo film.