Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★

A downgrade from the second but an improvement over the first, even though it cuts itself off half way through just to go back to the less interesting story of the first continued. The 1666 stuff never feels like a commitment to being a historical horror, instead overloading itself with commentary on modern issues that ironically feels like a watering down of how shitty the past could be. Also is more in line with the first with a pale imitation of the far superior films it is paying homage to. The 1666 stuff also feels way cheaper than the rest, which is especially jarring once it cuts back to the 90s and is clearly where all the money went. I did enjoy some of the moments in this, but overall I'm left with an overall feeling of it and the whole trilogy just being kind of fine, disposable fluff. At least Gilly gets a bit more to do in this one, even though this is overall vastly wasted in this trilogy.

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