Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

SO many thoughts and because of that I gotta go into spoiler territory

The movie started off great and I was starting to think that I was gonna love it, but then the last 45 minutes or so happened and like jeez what shorty way to conclude this film

I hated it so much this film got 1.5 stars less that what I thought I was gonna give it

this movie is so goddamn repetitive too

Like I get it but why’d you keep repeating the dream sequences stuff like you haven’t inferred it enough  

I predicted the twist as soon as the old lady landlord was introduced and she had a dream sequence in that house 

But what a stupid ass twist anyway

Oh everyone dies when being with her but oh that’s not suspicious at all whatever and let’s let her continue to live in that house

And why does her dream differ from reality? She’s mentally ill? But that doesn’t explain why she was led to believe she was killed unless Edgar is saying she made it up??

Why doesn’t the main girl have any consequences due to her (supposed) attempted murder

“Oh I didn’t mean to attempt to kill her, I am just mentally Ill, but also don’t send me to an institution because I should get a happy ending”

And why does Edgar think it’s okay to get out sympathy for a rape victim then turn them into the villain???🤨🤨🤨

It all felt like a waste of time for me as all the sympathy and sadness we were meant to feel for anyas character was all for the eventual shock twist (which felt very forced to me)

And the very ending

OMG like what?? Why does anyas reflection stay there is she being glorified now? is she inside the main characters spirit??

Whatever the answer is it was such an off putting way to end the film off even coming from the atrocious twist reveal sequence 

And they really underuse anya in general and her acting capabilities

Overall I don’t think I expressed my thought very well but I’m just so pissed off at this film

The soundtrack and cinematography are amazing and I loved the performances for the most part 

But this was just a mess for me


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