"It's not destroying... It's making something new."

I thought I was going to like this a lot more than I did. It just feels... hollow? Empty? I've been trying to come up with the right word since I left the theater, and I'm still drawing a blank. It looks (and sounds) gorgeous, and has one of the more interesting sci-fi aesthetics of recent memory, but the film is far more interested in the strange things happening than the people they are happening to. All of the performances (not to point fingers, but particularly Jennifer Jason Leigh's) feel weirdly indifferent and numb, Natalie Portman's emotional conflict feels weakly contrived, and I'm not convinced the structure makes a lick of sense given the ending (or maybe it's that the ending doesn't make sense given the structure...).

There's a couple of great set-pieces, but other than that I'd go to see this movie more for the audio/visual experience than anything else. Especially audio. Because holy crap does this movie sound awesome.

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