City of God

City of God ★★★★

Gorge: Recommended by a considerate soul.

Rape is such a devastating, traumatic thing for people to go through. The "No rape" policy went out the window as soon as a guy was rejected by someone. I could easily see it coming, it set it up in a way I knew it'd happen as soon as we first see the woman. Be warned.

This film thankfully wasn't as sad as I thought it may be (although it included many sad things). However, I felt I may have seen this film in the past. When certain characters appeared, I felt them.

I loved the way this was filmed. The house had a really nice transition from past to present, and showed three different sides of the same scene in a way that didn't feel over-repeated. Amazing!

That wasn't the only time scenes were repeated, however. I just loved the way it did this somehow.

Really enjoyed seeing this. There is so much devastation and chaos and it really represents this violent situation, the realities of even children's lives in such environments.

It's just how life is, it's very ordinary. That's what's so hard about it. It almost feels like a fantasy to be able to escape it. Although it didn't elaborate on the situation so much as it focused on the characters themselves.

The ending was a sad one. Violence continues, and it also continues to be exploited - as we see with the newspaper. It goes on and on.

There is just so much to this film, and I heard about how the actors were taken advantage of and ripped off. Being an actor in Brazil seems really tough, especially for the black community. I really hope that things will progess and they won't be so vulnerable to such exploitation.

I have issues with this on an ethical standpoint for the people, but it was otherwise great!

This film was based on real events. It's so far removed from life as I experience it. I enjoyed the rawness and the consideration towards introducing and witnessing the characters' lives.

Seu Jorge ❤️


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