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  • Old Long Stay

    Old Long Stay


    "We're faced with the question of how to create Japanese society with a new kind of thinking. I believe it's important to declare that Japan is a multi-ethnic nation. This idea must be to completely change society itself. That's what I think is missing the most."

    Zainichi Koreans are a specific ethnic group in Japan. This term refers to either Korean migrants, or descendants of Korean migrants, who migrated before or around the second world war.

    This documentary goes…

  • Faat Kiné

    Faat Kiné


    Firstly, this film was so beautiful with regards to the colours. I couldn't stop loving their clothing, the ornaments and just everything giving it a pop of colour!

    Such a nice touch with the canvases on the wall too (of Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sankara, Kwame Nkrumah and Amilcar Cabral). It fit with both the beauty and the polticial tones of the film.

    It is the first feature film I have seen from Sembène. I was not aware of anything about…

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  • Rye Lane

    Rye Lane


    I look forward to more from this director. A wonderful, beautiful, well done debut film. The amount of artistry in this is just wonderful! All without feeling overwhelming and, actually, very complimentary. The lighting, the art, the colours, the clothing designs etc. They all were put together so nicely. センスがいいです!

    I'm not terribly observant when it comes to films, but I found myself looking at so many details and taking in the backgrounds on top of what was going on…

  • Dreams



    I'll just speak on my favourites. I enjoyed how in most of the dreams it seems he was exploring his environment. I wonder how close to his actual dreams these were.

    日照り雨 - This was interesting. A vibe and relatable as a dream, honestly.

    トンネル - The survivor's guilt would be real. Poor folk who would forget they are dead and must live as what they died as. If I were a ghost, I would hope I could get to…

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  • The Forest of Love

    The Forest of Love


    Hated the treatment / use of female characters in this film. It was like watching a weird old man's fantasies for what felt like a whole day. It was sooo long and dragged out.

    I have not seen much of his work, but it was obvious to me that he was inspired by himself. As narcissistic as the main focus of the film.

    Maybe that's also why he had so many uninteresting references to Romeo & Juliet.

    With that said, I…

  • A Touch of Fever

    A Touch of Fever


    I have come to enjoy more slice of life type films. I easily coasted along watching these youngsters lives.

    It is great to know this director was praised for this work at the time. It definitely felt like he achieved a very natural portrayal of gay men, and possibly of gay sex workers too. It felt realistic and relatable in what it was presenting.

    The two main men's silence, in both tense and awkward situations, was wholesomely relatable. Their feelings…