Intolerable Cruelty

Intolerable Cruelty ★★½

"I'm gon' nail yo' ass!"

Intolerable Cruelty has a few good things going for it. The characters are hilariously colourful, the acting is admirable, and the film isn't really a bore. That being said, it's an awkward film in the way it shifts from the quirky (and almost cartoonish) comedic moments that are reminiscent of Raising Arizona (like in one of the extended courtroom scenes), to some of the more quiet, "serious" moments that just don't feel very sincere. It also felt as though the Coens overestimated the film's ability to surprise the viewer. There are some outcomes in the plot that I predicted long before they arrived. That isn't necessarily an issue, except, like I mentioned, it feels as though they were meant to surprise the audience, but they didn't catch me off-guard at all. Like I said, there are things that work in this movie but, as a whole, it's clunky.