The Green Glove ★★★

Glenn Ford on the run in postwar Europe, tied in with some highly Macguffin-y business regarding a jewel-encrusted relic. Tries very hard to be evocative of THE THIRD MAN, a level which it obviously can't reach. But reasonably entertaining and atmospheric nonetheless. The arresting Geraldine Brooks, wasted through almost all of her too limited career, doesn't break that streak here, but it's nice to have her around. (This is one of only two non-TV appearances she made during the entirety of the 1950s.) Extra points for reuniting Ford with his GILDA costar, George Macready, an actor who could turn a dramatic reading of your shopping list into a delightfully insinuating experience.  The proceedings get an extra jolt whenever he shows up. You may wind up rooting for the villain!