"And if, when he comes back, he wants to sell peanuts....oh, how I'll believe in those peanuts!"

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  • Holiday
  • My Man Godfrey
  • Red Dust
  • Trouble in Paradise

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  • The Odd Couple


  • The Tragedy of Macbeth


  • Nightmare Alley


  • The Delta


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  • Pacific Liner

    Pacific Liner


    Got a lot more out of this on a second viewing--though that might have something to do with the fact that watch number one was prior to 2020.

     Smartly keeps most of the actuon bekowdecks, where suspenseful editing and a general sense of claustrophobia add to the tension. (And there's a surprising-for-1939 second---it's one line---acknowledging racism/lack of racial parity. Tiny, but it's there.)

    Still unfortunately accurate in broad strokes about the various ways people will react when faced with an…

  • Without a Home

    Without a Home


    As the last Yiddish-language film produced in Poland before the outbreak of World War II, this is at times almost unbearably poignant. All the more so as everything centers around immigration to America and the struggle between assimilation and mourning one's lost home, resulting in a film suffused with diasporic longing and regret for those left behind, a final dispatch from a people and culture about to be all but erased to a degree previously beyond imagining. Excellent performance by Ida Kaminska, now best remembered for her much later Oscar-nominated performance in 1965's The Shop on Main Street.

Popular reviews

  • So This Is Paris

    So This Is Paris


    Been wanting to see this for years, and now glad that it didn't happen until this glowing new restoration. Unsurprisingly, a master class in comic timing and exposition---Lubitsch's sheer patience and confidence in letting moments build and unhurriedly pay off never ceases to amaze, no matter how familiar you are with his work. (The mix of laughter and pathos he can get out of merely showing a man crossing the street...and in a 68-minute running time, no less!) In a…

  • The Man Who Cheated Himself

    The Man Who Cheated Himself


    Trim, relentlessly suspense-building noir with a bit of a twist in its setup, giving three sometimes underutilized performers a real chance to shine. A rare leading man role for Lee J. Cobb, and a romantic one to boot. (Well, romantic in the extremely noir sense of 'I'm helping my married girlfriend cover up the murder and dispense with the bullet-riddled corpse of the husband she just killed, even as I investigate the case', but still...) For at least part of…