Dear Mr David Lynch, Mr Quentin Tarantino and all the boomer asses of filmmakers who keep on lecturing everyone on watching movies on the big screen and getting the ideal experience,

Has anyone of you watched a movie in PVR Logix City Centre, Noida? Or fuck that, have you ever watched a movie in a cinema hall (and that was not a premiere of that movie or in a film fest)? Have you ever watched a movie on the big screen where almost everyone is there to watch the movie, while they take a break from using their phone on full brightness? Have you ever watched a movie where the multiplex staff goes to every seat taking orders for snacks? Have you ever watched a movie on a big screen where the conversation of people watching with you; and fuck that, even the sound of them chewing nachos, popcorn and all sorts of snacks is louder than actors’ dialogues in the movie. Have you ever been to a regular multiplex after the pandemic - one of those few multiplexes owned by large corporate houses, who survived the pandemic only to abuse their monopolistic positions and not give two fucks about cleaning their screen and fixing their noisy projector?

I know you haven’t and neither any of your pretentious elite asses ever will, but I did. Only for me to later be dissatisfied and thinking that, although unwillingly, I should have better pirated it and watched it on my laptop. This is what watching a movie on a big screen is in real life.

I haven't watched any movie at all, be it on a small or large screen, for a very long time. I moved to a different city and I have only had stress and pain ever since I moved and because of same, for my own long due mental peace, I was really looking forward to a big-screen experience of Spencer (a movie which only gets a release in big cities in my country). Despite going beyond my budget by making a big hole of ₹320/- in my pocket and travelling a long distance for this wonderful movie I was only disappointed for the experience.

Now to talk about the movie (from whatever I could understand despite being a shitty experience), I would say this movie is pretty good. No one would say this but it's a brooding and creepy tale of loneliness and anxiety. All the performances are great and Timothy Spall needs a special mention. The cinematography especially the scene where Maggie and Diana go to the beach is gorgeous. Even if the build-up to that scene is so strong that even when Diana laughs at something very silly I too busted out laughing having seeing her laugh for the very first time in the movie. I also believe there are references to the real-life events surrounding the crown, so you might have a better experience if you carried that knowledge with you before watching this beautiful film.

I still need to see this film again and haven't been able to wrap my head around everything that happened in the movie, solely because of the place I watched it. I know the following statement will hurt the fragile feelings of many entitled filmmakers but I gotta say it, “Hoping to get a better experience of this film on my laptop”.

P.S. How tf can you make a movie on Princess Diana and not end it with MJ’s Dirty Diana?

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