Spencer ★★★½

I'm back guys!! Been on holiday so that's why I haven't been active on here recently no idea why I'm telling you this but I am.

'Spencer' was a fantasticly (not a word I know) well made film. The cinamatorghy was gorgeous, the script was smart and compelling. But the thing that made this film so captivating were the performances. Omg I was memorized especially Kristen Stewart... Wow just wow I tip my hat to her she fucking carried this film. The thing that stopped me from giving it more then a 3.5/5 was because I have no fucking clue about the Princess Diana story or know who the fuck any of the royal family members are so I didn't completely understand what the hell was going on. This film has sparked an interest and I'm gonna do my research and give this a rewatch for sure and see if my rating change's.

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