M3GAN ★★★

M3GAN was a hell of a lot of fun! The tention was build well and even made me jump a couple of times. The plot was written well tackling some ethical issues with toys and technology. The proformances we're good I think the only person who's acting I felt was a little weak was Ronny Chieng other then that everyone did a solid job. The main let down for this movie was the limited kill count and the lack of the kill we saw when M3gan was about to do the most damage the camera would pan away and we would see blood or the sound of the kill. I think this would have been so much better if they upped the gore and the kill count because that is what we are here for we wanna see a evil robot kill annoying people voilently and in a gorey fashion but I feel it was watered down a little which hindered the true potential of this movie. Overall though this was enjoyable I wasn't bored and the violence that we did see was fun just could have been a lot better if they upped the rating.

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