Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ★★★★½

2003 Ranked
Directors Ranked: Gore Verbinski
Ranked: Pirates Of The Caribbean
Writers Ranked: Terry Rossio

I have to admit, I am surprised at how well this holds up. It's been a few years since I've watched the original trilogy (I haven't watched At World's End since I saw it in the cinema), and I am glad to say that this really does hold up on all fronts.

The effects are still solid, the comedy is still funny, the action is still exhilarating, the score is still masterful and the writing...I didn't realise just how good the writing is in this. The dialogue in this nearly always lends itself to building a character or forwarding the story. There is very little if any blatant exposition and the balance of comedy, action and pirate mythos is near-perfect. Despite having not seen this in so long, I still remembered the introduction of one Captain Jack Sparrow. What that tells you is that scene is iconic, as my memory is horseshit.

Really, as I thought about it, my only real issue with this (although I feel it's kind of a biggie) is that I didn't really like Orlando Bloom's Will Turner. He felt very blah. Like, there are so many fantastic characters in this and the guy who is arguably the main protagonist in this is just so....vanilla. It's one disappointing thing in a mountain of pleasantries.

Yeah, this is awesome.

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