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In Time ★★★½

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This is one of those films where I seem to disagree with nearly everyone on my Friends/Followers list when it comes to our opinion on it. Actually, disagrees isn't the right word. I do agree with the majority of the criticisms on this one. It is a fantastic premise that seems to be mostly wasted by a generic storyline that doesn't really go anywhere. But there is a lot to like here as well.

For starters, I really like all the performances in this. Now, nobody was ever gonna win any Academy awards or anything. But everybody gives it their all and nobody feels out of place. Justin Timberlake holding his own deserves mention (I am still surprised he didn't have a bigger movie career honestly), but the star is easily Cillian Murphy, who is just awesome in everything.

Also, this movie is shot by the GOAT Roger Deakins and even if this was basic work from him, I have yet to see a movie shot by him that looks bad, and this is no exception.

So yeah, it's a generic storyline and the premise is somewhat wasted, but this is far from bad. Worth a watch.

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