Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★½

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Directors Ranked: Wes Anderson

" I'm sick of your double talk, we have rights!"

Admittedly, I found the animation style quite jarring and off-putting at first. But as the film went on, I started to appreciate just how good it looked, even down to the fur on the animals. There's no getting past how creepy they looked, for me at least. However this had all the charm and humour that Wes Anderson is known for.

Speaking of the humour, I loved it in this. I wouldn't say this is aimed at children though, just because the humour is more witty banter than "child humour." In saying that, my son enjoyed it but didn't find it funny. He loved the story though. Whereas I am cracking up at things like the Mole wanting to see the sunlight or the fact they say cuss instead of using cuss brain finds that hilarious. Also, the way they talk highly intelligently and then eat like the animals they are. The humour in this is great!

The one thing (apart from the creepy puppets) that took me out of this is that I didn't get drawn into the main character because it felt, to me, like it was just Clooney reading the lines, the cuss scene, getting peoples talents and final toast scene excluded, rather than "being Mr. Fox." So certain scenes I got pulled out of the experience because I'd be like "oh yeah. That's Clooney." Maybe I'm weird but his performance felt somewhat lackluster except for in the scenes I mentioned above.

Overall, this is a fantastic (see what I did there) film, where the story is simple but perfectly executed, the score is phenomenal and the humour is on point.

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