Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★★

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"Follow me and you will be free. Stay and you will perish."

I'm not going to touch on the white-washing controversy of this film. I'm just happy that we are finally (kinda) getting to a place where people of different ethnic groups or even genders are being trusted to lead Hollywood productions.

I will say that the cast does well here for the most part, Christian Bale being an obvious standout. Bale was excellent in the lead role, playing Moses with believable conviction as well as conflict. I thought Joel Edgerton did a pretty good job as well but Bale was a tier above everyone else.

Scott and cinematographer Dariusz Wolski, whose work I really enjoy (with the exception of Sicario 2, which had nothing special from him) team up again (I believe they've teamed up six times) and it shows they work really well together as, as is the case with Prometheus and Alien Covenant, the shots used in this film are excellent, some of them I would even describe as breathtaking. Scott also does a good job with the action-y sequences. My favourite part of the whole film is the Red Sea scene, which looked truly spectacular and bumped my rating up half a star.

So, why only 3 stars and no "like heart"? Well, anything that I didn't describe above, I found incredibly boring. As I mention with any religious themed film, I am Agnostic but I went into this one with an open mind, knowing Scott himself is also agnostic. Unfortunately, the story didn't really grab me and the film is really fucking long too. Maybe if they trimmed 30-40 minutes off of this, I would've enjoyed it a lot more.

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