The Kissing Booth 2

The Kissing Booth 2

I DID IT!!!! i finally got through another movie by myself :))) and wow. what a movie it was. um. to be honest i have many many thoughts that i’m not very good at articulating so i will just make a list: 

to start off, i haven’t seen the kissing booth 1 lmao oops so i may b missing some details

• there were some bangers on the soundtrack. close to me? build me up buttercup? good vibrations? bops! they gave me something to vibe to in boring scenes :) however the soundtrack was largely p generic most of the time ngl 
• there were these two background characters, one of them looked like the dude from green day and the other was this girl with a ton of piercings and they gave me life 
• the dude with the v realistic clown costume in the halloween scene

• oh my god why was it so long
• what the FUCK did she say about jungle gyms?? 
•  the mlm plotline came in very randomly?? maybe the two guys were characters in the previous movie but for me it felt like two random characters that we were just meant to be invested in like halfway through. don’t get me wrong i love me some lgbt rep but idk this just added to the mind numbing runtime for me 
• and also they just weren’t mentioned at the end?? like she saw them kiss at the carnival and used it for her own development and then they just dipped 
•. literally all of the characters were annoying to me
•  i cry and get invested in movies very easily but i laughed two times in this and both times it was at scenes that were meant to be serious 
• her. her essay why were the college bitches  acting like it was the most amazing thing they’d ever read like? 
• i rlly feel like this movie came 6 years too late tbh

i feel like the premise of the central friendship in the movie could be taken and applied to a psychological thriller/horror about an all consuming friendship that they literally have hyperspecific RULES for

well anyways those were my 2 cents i’m posting this p late so i doubt anyone will read it but after watching this heap of junk i felt i needed to justify it with a long one

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