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  • Lincoln
  • Fanny and Alexander
  • Mirror
  • The Thin Red Line

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  • The Ballerina


  • Thora van Deken


  • The Norrtull Gang


  • An American Werewolf in London


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  • The Lost City of Z

    The Lost City of Z


    My favourite part is Fawcett yelling: 'Pottery shards! On the ground!' Now where else would they be you idiot? Up a tree? Floating about in the air?
    Also, Pattinson and his beard are great.
    Hunnam as Fawcett sure does a lot of yelling in this, in his flat uninspiring voice. I find it hard to believe that lectures in the Royal Geographical Society were essentially shouting matches between an enthusiastic lecturer going 'You know what? We should go explore this…

  • Moontide



    Never thought I would see Thomas Mitchell slap Claude Rains with a towel.

Popular reviews

  • Interlude in the Marshland

    Interlude in the Marshland


    In Swedish, we have two very vital expressions concerning Trains: "dummare än tåget" (more stupid than a train) and "det går som tåget" (it goes like a train). The first one is said about an unintelligent person, who does stupid things; the second one about various things and activities, when they are running smoothly, without need of interference. Both touch on the essential unmovability and unstoppability of machines unless human force and intelligence is involved. The first one also allegedly…

  • Elvira Madigan

    Elvira Madigan

    The entire script for this was two words:
    "Plocka hallon"
    (Picking raspberries)
    True story.