Resolution ★★★½

[potential spoilers]

While I wish I had watched this film prior to watching The Endless, I don’t think there’s a lot that’s lost by watching these two films in their reverse release order (except for gaining a more “literal” understanding of the meaning of the ending). In fact, Resolution is more of a companion piece to The Endless than The Endless is to Resolution, despite The Endless being the resolution to Resolution. Confused? So am I.

Resolution also manages to be more thematically compelling than its successor in terms of how it juxtaposes its narrative of overcoming addiction with the impeding cosmic horror that lingers below the surface of the film’s narrative. Using context clues from The Endless, while making the ending less abstract, paints a terrifying picture of the damaging cycles that addiction can put someone through. In the end, omnipotent Lovecraftian being or not, we are doomed to repeat our actions and our addictions, if we cannot find a path towards resolving them.

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