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I watch movies because I can't afford regular therapy.

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  • Sherni



    I knew Masurkar is a really good director and had loved Newton, but was skeptical of this since it's a comparatively higher budget film with a very diverse cast. Happy to say Sherni proved me wrong. It's a very engaging and rich story that's more than just a Tiger hunt. It's brimming with relevant themes and has a very nuanced portrayal of a Forest department which finds itself within the chaos of bureaucracy and politics.

    The film lacks a little…

  • Shanghai



    Idk how Dibakar Banerjee does it every time. If only it wasn't for the rather weird and jittery sound mixing I'd say this too is a perfectly made film. His films are usually more restrictive in terms of how much violence and profanity he can show since they're all rated U/A but I think that's what brings out the beast of creativity inside him. The violence is rather strong in his story and the effect it leaves on the viewer.…

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  • Rockstar



    Jordan down horrendous

  • Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

    Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!


    Where to even begin man, this probably is one of the most perfect films ever made. I remember when I was a kid and saw this for the first time on UTV, seeing Paresh Rawal play 3 different characters on screen blew me away. When I grew up a little I realized the importance of it and how thematically rich it made the film, with added layers of Lucky's inescapable past, his issues with father figures and a genuine hatred…