Moonlight ★★★★★

That scene towards the end will always get me. The human art of putting up walls and disguising yourself so as to shield yourself not only from others, but from your own fear. Chiron’s surroundings hated his femininity so much, he grew up and negated it and instead made himself believe he was this figure of ultra-masculinity, even in moments when he was alone, so as to not have to face his truth. This is such a powerful and strong armor, it becomes even more impressive that one person can melt it all away. When he reunites with Kevin all those years later, he retreats back to what he used to be, a damaged being searching to be loved. Kevin points it out: “There you go with that damn noddin’ again man, you ain’t changed one damn bit.” But he has changed, just not around Kevin. Not around the only man that’s ever touched him. It all changes when he’s here, and when he remembers that moment years ago. This tender and heartbreaking scene will always be some of the best filmmaking I’ve seen. There is much more to say about Moonlight, but I think that’s what will stick with me the most. Just perfect.

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