The Batman

The Batman ★★★★½

Alright I’ve seen THEE BATMAN I mean THY BATMAN I mean fr this time: THE BATMAN

Unlike no way home, I’ll do a review/breakdown instead of random thoughts of me eternally screaming in happiness. 

Good news: it’s NOT black widow, even from a technical perspective, it’s better than that abominable piece of shit BY COUNTRY MILES. The music, effects, action, acting, visuals, etc are all fantastic here. There may not be much action but when there is, it’s great and I like a lot of the mystery/detective stuff. The riddler was FUCKING AMAZING, he was absolutely intimidating and dare I say scary? surprisingly even without the mask too, he did a great job at playing a lunatic and I loved it. I loved the certain twists and turns that happen, unlike matrix resurrections and the last jedi, these actually WORK in the story and make it interesting instead of having 12 year olds scream at you saying “YOU DONT LIKE IT BECAUSE IT SUBVERTED YOUR EXPECTATIONS”. Robert did great as batman, I love how silent and quiet he can be which makes him wayy menacing. I am personally nostalgic about the Gotham in the nolan films but Gotham in this movie is probably the best it’s been, hell the whole film feels like a mix of burton and nolan and it works.

Now the things I don’t like are 1. Robert really was a poor bruce wayne, he did nothing to play like a billionaire playboy and felt emo which sure he can be that but the other ones in the past (especially Christian Bale) did so well at creating a billionaire persona and 2. The movie felt way too long at times, thankfully near the end but there were 2 or 3 times where I thought the movie ended and it didn’t. Also the post credit scene is laughable and isn’t worth the time. 

Time will only tell how this film ages, it can end in a tom holland Spider-Man way where the trilogy being finished improved the film or it can be like the star wars sequel trilogy where this film becomes ripped apart to oblivion (please be the former)

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