Inside ★★★


I honestly forgot this film was in my list and when i seen it was playing on the criterion channel i was like “wait a second, this cant be right can it?” and well it was. i really had no idea how this film was going to turn out. all i knew beforehand was that i thought the poster was cheesy and it made it look like a B-movie and that at an hour twenty minutes, i was intrigued. here were my initial thoughts while watching the film:
- that cgi is pretty corny
- the practical effects are better
- love how the editors name is just Baxter
- how this thing is alive, i have no idea
- this nurse is freaky, the kind of nurse that takes prescriptions in secret
- the acting isnt the best here
- good cinematography at times and a soothing score in the beginning
- that hallucination was a trip, kinda corny
- never open the door in a situation like this, if you do you were supposed to die. sorry not sorry
- how you going to leave the fucking door open, idc if the cops are there, you close it and lock it
- the lighting and editing is handled pretty well i will say
- they gotta stop w this cgi
- damn, that shit went from 0-100 real fucking fast
- shes got a DEEP voice, she definitely scares me
- Jean-Pierre is stupid and needs to open his eyes
- and there goes his scrotum
- the scratchy/eerie score was nice
- how she just going to make it easier on the intruder, so damn dumb 
- nobody smokes a cigarette and gets fired up
- yeah that bathroom scene w the cop was pretty horrible
- that poor kid 
- this is some pretty edge of your seat shit
- hooray for the cops
- that shot of her laying in bed covered in blood was pretty nice
- right through the cranium
- that part with the fire was smart but so fucking corny
- okay the last part with the cop was dumb as fuck, what the fuck was that
- oh yeah thats a wrap
- that last shot in the red lighting was nice
- cronenberg influence maybe?

Overall, for a debut this film is pretty good and i wouldnt be surprised if there was some cronenberg influence being used here, but i thought this was pretty edge of your seat stuff. at the same time it was corny though and the film suffered for it at times. this film is pretty heavily flawed but i still had a good time and was definitely glad i finally gave it a watch, i havent seen something like that in awhile. what were your thoughts on the film?

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