Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★

the superhero movie that hates superheroes, or more accurately, doesn’t trust them; an escape from escapism. this is – among other things, including quite a dense picture – religious faith v the justice system, two things orchestrated as unable to coexist despite their impending harmony: Superman is less of an invincible, sanguine figure and inherits the inevitable controversy of existing as a God-like figure rendering humans feeling angry and useless; and Batman is a persistently angry and judgmental sociopath. there’s a certain cynicism here that I find essential to being the one instance of me ever liking Superman. Snyder is a defiant director whose stylized machismo has helped him smuggle contemptible portraits of America into the mainstream, for better or for worse, and here he uses melodrama to amplify a portrait of a broken America – that our “heroes” contribute to – and uproot a series of subjective and controversial debates, while simultaneously bringing light to the inherent silliness of its genre and bleakly dwelling on its ignorant toxicity. for the most part, he commendably makes a superhero movie on his own terms, and it’s starting to look as though that may never happen the same way again; especially considering it almost didn’t even happen here. I still intend to disregard its final few seconds for as long as I possibly can; and the Doomsday battle is a bit of a CG mess, but at least it’s a colorful and emotionally charged mess. just like this movie.

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